Welcome to Uptown

Uptown is the ultimate urban lifestyle that showcases the best of Houston on a grand scale. It is one of Houston’s key economic engines and has evolved from near rural conditions in the 1960’s into one of the nation’s premier mixed-use urban centers.

This dynamic interchange of traffic, transit, pedestrians, and commerce conveys energy and convenience. Uptown is common ground for all to share and enjoy, for all to feel safe and respected, a place that elicits the best of human kindness and prosperity.

Uptown Houston
Our Mission

The Mission of Uptown Houston is to serve as a catalyst to create, preserve and enhance value by developing an urban community of uncommon beauty, gracious character, and dynamic spirit. This is achieved by:

Creating a memorable and inviting urban environment,

Supporting continued economic expansion,

and improving accessibility.

Our vision for Uptown is to be one of the world’s great urban centers.

About Uptown District
Uptown District

The Uptown District works to obtain and provide a variety of services and improvements for the Uptown area. 

Uptown District
About Uptown TIRZ/UDA

The Uptown TIRZ mitigates traffic congestion, encourages new development, and grows the area’s tax base.

Fact Book

A resource of facts, figures, statistics, demographics and information about the office, retail, hotel and residential markets in Uptown.

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Area Map
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