Pepper Twins

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5161 San Felipe St, Suite 300
Houston, TX 77056


Here at Pepper Twins, our founder’s philosophy is: happiness makes one healthy.  We hope our delicious dishes will bring about happiness to our guests! 

Food is our passion and our culture because it brings friends and families together and allows them to experience our culture through our food. We specialize in Country-style Premium Chinese and gluten friendly cuisine.

We serve only the best: Fresh seasonal nine-leaf peppercorn(imported from China, FDA approved), Angus certified beef, Berkshire pork(the best brand), and Farm Raised Chicken (thighs only, no hormone or antibiotics), Duck, Organic egg, fresh local tilapia(whole fish). Although we are not experts on flavoring our food, we rely on using the combination of natural flavors that makes us unique based on traditions of Chinese culture.

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Pepper Twins
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