Urbe: Street Foods of Mexico

Phone: (713) 726-URBE

Website: www.urbehouston.com

1101 Uptown Park Boulevard, Suite 12
Houston, TX 77056


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Uptown Park
Welcome to Urbe

URBE’s menu features street food from across all states of Mexico, inspired by travels and also the hometowns of H Town team members, including Mexico City, Oaxaca, Jalisco and  Puebla.  Chicharrones, Elote, Camotes, Birria, Barbacoa, Tacos al Pastor, Conchas, Berlinesas, Huaraches, Tortas, Tlayudas, Cemitas, Churros, Quesadillas, Carnitas.  These street food classics are all on URBE’s menu, plus much more, including modern interpretations of favorites. There are also cocktails, wine, coffees, horchata, and, in true street food fashion, a big emphasis on food to-go – ¡para llevar!

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