Eastbound Land Bridge Tunnels Open to Traffic

Monday, March 28, eastbound vehicular traffic will traverse a new alignment of Memorial Drive via tunnels through the Land Bridge – one tunnel below each of the hills. The tunnel openings will be phased, with the eastbound tunnels opening to traffic first, followed by the westbound tunnels at a date to be announced. All tunnels are scheduled to be opened for traffic in April. While Memorial Drive is two-way, the tunnels are for one-way, continuous car traffic only (no stopping allowed). The tunnels will be well-lit by both natural and overhead lighting.

The opening of the tunnels marks a major milestone in Memorial Park’s Land Bridge and Prairie project, slated for completion in late 2022. Comprised of two separate 35-foot-tall hills, the Land Bridge will serve as a major connector for Memorial Park users and wildlife between the north and south sides of the Park, offering new gathering spaces with scenic views of Houston and the project’s expansive prairie system. 

Together, the Land Bridge and Prairie comprise green infrastructure that will introduce a new 100-acre area for Houstonians to explore and enjoy, provide a safe crossing for Park users, reconnect wildlife corridors and help manage storm water for the benefit of the city.

For more information, click here or visit Memorial Park Conservancy website.