The Waterwall will be closed for maintenance Monday, March 25 through Sunday, April 21.

Roof Top Cinema

We believe iconic movies and great dialogue deserves to be heard properly. Ever missed that key plot-line because the guy behind you is eating his popcorn too loudly? We use wireless headphones so you can live in those memorable cinematic moments, and not get disturbed by the outside world. Now that’s cinema.

Great films deserve great locations, and our venues are set alongside some of the most iconic city backdrop’s around the world. With panoramic views and stunning sunsets, movies have never looked so great.

Outdoor cinema is about embracing the world around us, but that doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. Which is why we use comfy deckchairs, with adjustable seat heights and plenty of leg room, meaning you can lean back and breathe in those city views under the stars. For those opting for the Rooftop Love Seats this summer, these are built at a seating width of 33”, enough room for two people to snuggle on the rooftop.

Looking for that perfect movie? Our program is hand-picked with a personal touch, to ensure each night is an unforgettable movie experience from cult classics to brand new releases. Each film starts at sunset, so as the stars begin to sparkle watch your favorite movie moments come to life on the big screen.